Our Worship

The Importance of Biblical Worship

God has told us how He would have us worship Him in His Word. We are committed to following Scripture’s commands for worship and, thereby, necessarily committed to rejecting extra-Biblical demands on worship. God has commanded us to sing, for example, but He has not defined a particular style or instrumentation for such music. Believing worship music is bound to a particular style or particular instruments is in itself a violation of the “Regulative Principle of Worship;” to bind worship in that way is to elevate non-Scriptural preferences to the level of Scriptural commands. We are committed therefore to a diversity of styles—including (but not limited to) chant, hymnody, folk, and rock—and a diversity of instruments—including (but not limited to) organ, piano, keyboard, strings, acoustic and electric guitars, and percussion. All should be done for the edification of the congregation and the glory of God.


DSC_0018A nursery for infants and young children is provided during our Sunday school and worship services (all nursery workers are required to fill out an application and are subject mandatorily to a criminal background check), and a cry room is located directly off the sanctuary. If the parents prefer, children of all ages are also welcome to stay in the sanctuary with their families during worship. Children are a gift from the Lord, and we are happy to hear their voices join ours in worship!

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