Our Missionaries

Each yearMissionsPriorities Trinity supports missionaries through a faith-promise offering (above and beyond the tithe). Since her founding Trinity has actively supported many missionaries through prayer and offerings. It is out sincere prayer that the work of the missionaries we support would be used of God to bring new believers into Christ’s Bride.

In addition to our financial and prayer support of domestic and international missionaries, we encourage our members to be actively engaged in local evangelism and domestic mission trips. A portion of our yearly faith-promise offerings is allocated to those works.

More about our missions program can be gleaned from our recently developed Missions Program Priorities at Trinity document.

Read updates from our missionaries here on our blog.

The Wolffs

For more than 20 years we have been involved in pioneer missionary work… planting churches, translating the bible into the local languages, evangelizing, discipling and training the believers to carry the good news of Christ to the next village, tribe and language group.

However due to limited resources, the local churches have been hard pressed to find an effective way to carry the gospel beyond their own villages. Their hearts were willing, but their options were few.

So in order to provide these International Believers with the necessary organization and access to resources, IGO was born. In the same way that most American based mission boards train and provide support structures for western missionaries to serve overseas, IGO desires to provide technical support and other resources to International Believers to effectively minister within their own countries.

We believe that our International Partnership program is one of the most effective ways to fulfill the Great Commission of Christ, because the people ministering in their home countries already know the language and culture, are already on location, and are ready to give their lives for the gospel. All they need is someone to equip and send them.

Visit iGo here.

The Lintons

img_4357Joel was born in South Korea into a family with a multi-generational legacy of mission work in Korea.  Judy was born in Taiwan into a non-Christian family.

God brought both of them to know Him in their childhood—Joel in middle school, Judy in high school. During their college years, God put missions on their hearts. They both pursued graduate degrees useful for “tentmaking” in East Asia.

They married in 1998, and soon after, God called them to Taiwan to a lifetime service of church planting and evangelism. So they began training and raising support for the mission field. In 2000, God blessed them with a beautiful daughter, Faith. He has since added four more daughters to the family, Charis, Ashlyn, Saorsa and Seren. In 2002, the Linton’s moved to Taiwan to begin their work. They helped start New Hope Church – Taipei in January 2003 and have helped with other church plants since then. Read more here

Brian Trail

TrailBrian Trail is a staff member with Campus Outreach at Presbyterian College in Clinton, SC. You can read more about his ministry here.

The Bolithos

004_-_CopyBob & MaryLee are living out their retirement years serving the Lord in Uganda. After
selling their business in 2005 they went to Biloxi and spent 2 1/2 years directing
relief work after hurricane Katrina. After completing this assignment in 2008 they
moved to Uganda where they currently serve. They hope to stay here until God
calls them home. They have left five children and eight grandchildren behind.

Read more about their ministry here.

Retired Missionaries We Support

  • Mrs. Lucille Anderson (SIM, Africa)
  • Rev. & Mrs. Harry Marshall (MTW, Peru)
  • Rev. & Mrs. Buzz Reece (TEAM, Japan)

Local Ministries We Support