Men’s Ministry

Trinity’s Men’s Ministry encourages men to “be on the alert, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong” (1 Cor. 16:13).

In addition to spontaneous events, the men meet each month on a Friday evening for Bible, Book, & BBQ (Triple B). This winter we are reading Tim Bayly / Joseph Bayly / Jürgen von Hagen’s The Grace of Shame: 7 Ways the Church has Failed to Love Homosexuals.

From The Grace of Shame:

If the whole point of homosexual orientation is to get Christians to understand how early the onset and intractable the temptation of homosexual sin is, we could all agree. There are many sins that have an early onset and a terrible tenacity.

But if the onset and tenacity of the sin is the heart of our concern, we could stop talking about “homosexual orientation,” and speak instead about “homosexual temptation.”

“Homosexual temptation” brings back the very moral judgment “homosexual orientation” so preciously works to exclude. If our goal in coming out in support of “homosexual orientation” is to be perceived as a kinder, gentler sort of Christian, “temptation” blows our cover because it returns homosexuality to the arena of moral judgment and sin.

Books we’ve read previously…

  • Manetsch | Calvin’s Company of Pastors
  • Bonhoeffer | Life Together (chapter 1)
  • Kuyper | Lectures on Calvinism
  • Lloyd-Jones | Authority
  • Wilson | Father Hunger: Why God Calls Men to Love and Lead Their Families
  • Owen | Temptation: Resisted & Repulsed
  • Piper | Five Points
  • Trewhella | The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates
  • Bunyan | The Pilgrim’s Progress
  • Wilson | How to Exasperate Your Wife
  • Anderson | Truth Overruled: The Future of Marriage and Religious Freedom
  • Lewis | The Screwtape Letters
  • Augustine | Confessions
  • Blamires | The Christian Mind: How Should A Christian Think?
  • Postman | Amusing Ourselves to Death
  • Baxter | The Reformed Pastor

Books we hope to read…

  • Calvin | The Institutes of the Christian Religion
  • Jones | Knowing Christ
  • Machen | Christianity and Liberalism
  • Murray | Revival & Revivalism
  • Ryle | Holiness
  • Stickelberger | Calvin: A Life
  • Wilson | Persuasions: A Dream of Reason Meeting Unbelief
  • Workman | Persecution in the Early Church