2017 Conference: Created for Work

Listen to recordings of Mark Robinson’s four sermons:

Session 1: The Creation, Command, & Catastrophe of Work

Man was created and commanded “to work and keep” the earth. The catastrophe of the Fall turned work into painful, sweaty toil. We will trace the creation of work through the catastrophic impact sin has had on our labor and some ways this impinges on work in the present.

Session 2: The Crucifixion & Consummation of Our Work

In Christ, sin-tainted work is redeemed as it becomes a direct mean of serving Him. We will learn how our work doesn’t just matter for the present, but also the future, as it impacts the life to come.

Session 3: The Context of Our Work

Scripture commands us to labor six days but set apart the seventh for the Sabbath. We will be addressing the context of work and discussion other issues such as rest and play.

Session 4: The Contemporary Scene of Our Work

Work has undergone drastic changes since the latter half of the 20th century. Globalization, automation, and increasing hostility to basic beliefs significantly affect the nature of the work place. We will consider how the Church, in the midst of this changing work-world, faithfully lives out its unchanging mission.