Missionary Update: George & Kathy Schultz (Center for Intercultural Training)

Dear Faithful Friends,

God seems to be pouring out his blessing on CIT these days and we are excited!  This was a terrific summer at CIT with 50 adults and 34 kids representing 12 agencies, three churches with trainees heading toward 25 countries around the world!

One of our participants this summer summarized his take-aways from the training in a recent letter he sent out.

Embrace suffering. Expect suffering.
There is nothing we can do that will keep God from loving us less.
Leadership is serving so those you are serving shine. 
Show grace to yourself and to others.  It is vital for handling cultural stress.
ABC’s of Conflict:  Adversity Builds Character (if you let it).  
The way we handle conflict can radiate the love of Christ or give him a bad reflection.
We must make one million language mistakes in order to become fluent. 
We are not learning language to do ministry. Language learning is ministry.  
God will never call us to something we can do. God calls us only to that which requires Him. 

Our fall term is already full and due to heavy enrollment we are adding an additional four-week module in Nov/Dec.   We are also adding an additional term in 2014 to accommodate our growing registrations.

We have asked you to be praying about our staff needs which were significant.  It actually forced us to cancel our planned trip to Alaska this summer.  We are still in need of a person in our childcare area for the fall.  Our Director of Facilities resigned earlier this summer which caused George’s responsibilities to significantly increase.  We have had to scramble quite a bit as our other maintenance man is facing two surgeries very soon.  Just yesterday the way was cleared by the Lord for a replacement.  Give thanks with us but also keep praying for the need in our kids program.

We are privileged to play a small part in helping prepare God’s servants for cross-cultural ministry.  We consider it a high honor and a trust to steward well.  Thank you for your prayers and gifts, which enables us to continue to serve here.  We still have need for additional partners.

We are sending out 3 praises and 3 prayer requests each month.  If you would like to be added to this list just let us know.

George and Kathy Schultz
United World Mission
Center for Intercultural Training
Financial Contributions:  United World Mission P.O. Box 606002 Charlotte, NC 28260  or  www.uwm.org/content/Donate