Prayer request from Bud & Lynda Kay (missionaries in Jamaica)

Dear All,
We are in need of prayer.
Last January we had trouble with three men in the community coming and stealing from the work project when the team was here. They came about four to five times stealing from the work site and then breaking into the church and stealing the speakers, etc. and then everything was quiet for awhile.
We now have a team here again and they are pouring a section of the belt course today at the church.  One of the young men who stole before came to the church yard today eyeing things – getting a feel for what was there.  Tonight would be a prime time for them to come or tomorrow night as there will be support boards up under the belt course.  We are requesting prayer that God will not allow these men to come and take as they please.  If they do, we pray that they are caught by the police.
Yesterday there was a man that came on the church property that was very rude and defiant and in your face to Dad.  He was demanding money.  He seemed to be a very evil man — when he left the church yard with a big stick, Maurice said the man was going to find Lavern (a young lady that goes to our church) and beat on her.  Please pray that these men will not even be able to step foot on the property as they are causing all sorts of trouble and that they would not harm people in the community.  Our hearts are heavy and need more prayer support in this situation.
Thanks for standing in the gap for us.
May God Bless you.


Update from May 17:
Dear All,
Thank you so much for your prayers on our behalf and the church’s behalf.
The Lord held back that man from coming onto the property and so far nothing
has been stolen!!!
We have until Monday having the boards and supports up.  We are praying that they
will make it through the weekend untouched.
We were so encouraged by all that responded in praying for this situation.  It REALLY made a difference.
God has a way of encouraging our hearts knowing people are praying.
This will be the last update for this situation unless something happens.
Thanks much for your prayers and care!
Lynda (for the family)